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Your attorney's office, escrow or title company will tell you what to bring to closing. It will take place at the office of the attorney for the seller, at the lending institution, title or escrow company, or some other designated place. Title to and actual possession of the property change from the seller to the buyer. Plan for the process to take at least an hour, as there can be extensive documentation to sign.

Closing costs can include escrow against future tax payments, hazard insurance, title insurance, reimbursement to the seller for any prepayments he may have made on taxes, and credit for heating oil left in the tank at time of closing.

Be sure to ask for all copies of house keys, system maintenance and house repair records, and remotes for the garage door openers. You will have done a pre-closing inspection on the property, and any problems will be resolved before or at closing.

Make sure to transfer all subscriptions to your new address. The Postal Service will forward magazines and newspapers for a short time. First class mail will be forwarded for one year.

Request our FREE "Make The Move Easy on Kids Checklist" . We will also send you a free Make the Move Checklist of things to do before, during, and after your move after your listing is in the MLS.

Congratulations! Now it's all up to the movers to get you settled into your new home.

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