Make your best offer...

Now is the time to put it on paper...your agent will guide you through all the details of the contract. Their analysis of what properties have sold for in the area will help you decide on the price. A first deposit is included with the offer, with the second deposit given within approximately 7-10 days of acceptance.

It can take some time to come to an agreement with the seller, so be patient and keep your goal in sight! Both sides need to feel that it's a Win-Win situation! Your attorney should review the contract once both parties have come to terms!

ATTENTION! We've written down experiences, insights, and trusted guidelines after negotiating hundreds of transactions. We want you to have this inside scoop BEFORE you find the right home.

"Secrets You Absolutely MUST Know For WIN-WIN NEGOTIATING"

They Didn't Read "Win-Win Negotiating"!

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