Terms of Use

Terms of Use/Refund Policy 
You may cancel your MLS listing once placed in the MLS at any time according to the terms of your individual agreement with your broker. No refund will be given. If you cancel your order before the broker has placed the listing in the MLS, we will refer you to another broker, or refund what has been charged. Fees are non-refundable after your home is entered into the MLS and/or signs and other supplies have been shipped. If the local broker is required to meet with you in order to put the listing in the MLS, the fee is not refundable after the meeting. You may receive a refund for any supplies you have ordered (minus any shipping, handling, or restocking charges) by giving us written notification before they have been shipped. The local broker may have other terms which may apply. The terms of our MLS options may vary based on geographic location. For instance, the commission due at closing can be slightly higher in some states because different MLS systems have different requirements. See the broker's listing agreement for details. 
HotlineProperties.com is a website of Hotline Properties, LLC. The site provides an advertising and marketing service for the For Sale By Owner. We do not provide real estate, appraisal, legal, or other professional services, or represent the buyer or seller in any way. If you need legal, real estate, financial, or any other professional help you should seek out professional advice. The services in the states marketed on its websites or elsewhere are provided by licensed real estate brokers in those states*. HotlineProperties.com only provides marketing, administrative and payment services for real estate brokers nationwide, providing consumers access to these services. These can include flat fee MLS submission services, signs, lock boxes, enhanced listings, internet listings, and other services. 
*In the state of Connecticut the brokerage of Hotline Properties, LLC may provide these services as the licensed broker in the state. 
Hotlineproperties.com gives you access to state licensed brokers who will list your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a flat fee. (Service not available in all areas.) Once your order is submitted to Hotlineproperties.com your contact information will be sent to a broker who is licensed in your state. In most cases, this broker will contact you within a few hours, at most in 1-2 business days, which excludes weekends and Holidays. Your broker will provide you with the forms to fill out, sign, and return which may include but are not limited to an Agency Disclosure, Listing Agreement, MLS Listing Form, a Lead Based Paint Disclosure, and a Seller Disclosure. Georgia homeowners may owe 0.12%-.25% of the sales price at close of escrow in Georgia. They will receive further explanation by their broker. 
MLS Listing 
You must sign a listing agreement with the broker to have your home listed in the MLS. You must offer a commission if a buyer uses an agent. Talk to your local broker about what is common in your area. You can make changes to your listing through your local broker. 
While we guarantee that you will get an MLS listing for your property, we make no warranties as to how your listing will be displayed or what information will be included. This is determined by local MLS and what fields they have agreed to upload to Realtor.com. Some MLS Associations do not upload their listing content to Realtor.com, Homes.com or others. Neither Hotline Properties, LLC nor the local broker has control over where the local MLS will upload the listing, and has no control over outside websites, MLS affiliations, policy and rule changes as to where, or whether or how or length of time they will display your property's information. 
Additionally, Realtor.com does not allow seller contact information on any property listing that is listed on the Realtor.com website. 
This is a not a solicitation if you are already working with a Realtor. 
Any disputes regarding MLS listings must be handled between you and your listing Realtor. You agree to compensate Hotlineproperties.com for any reasonable expenses incurred by us if it is necessary for us to become involved in any dispute between you and your listing broker. 
The services offered on this website do not warrant or guarantee to find a buyer or result in the successful sale and closing or your home. Our liability is in all cases is limited to the referral fee paid to us. 

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